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Hi, I'm Oyinlola. 👋🏽 A multichannel
growth marketing professional.

Digital — Market — Woman —

Hi, I'm Oyinlola. 👋🏽 A multichannel growth marketing professional.

Digital — Market — Woman —
About me

I'm a multi-skilled digital marketer,
endorsed as a global talent.

I drive user acquisition, retention and engagement for high-growth companies with growth campaigns, performance marketing, CRM campaign management, lifecycle marketing and content marketing.

Leads Generation & Nurturing
Leads Generation & Nurturing

Boosting user acquisition and managing the MQL to SQL pipeline

Customer Lifecycle Management
Customer Lifecycle Management

Nurturing, upselling & crosselling to build longer-standing repeat clients

CRM Campaign Management
CRM Campaign Management

Leveraging Braze, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc to engage leads through the funnel

Account-Based Marketing
Account-Based Marketing

Launching one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-many ABM strategies to target accounts and ICPs.

Performance Marketing (Ads)
Performance Marketing (Ads)

Activating PPC, display ads, social media ads and SEM to scale user acquisition

Where I've been

A quick view of selected relevant experience

Explori (Events Tech)
Growth Marketing Manager

I am in charge of MQLs, engaging and converting them to SQLs, while automating CRM operations to sync with sales team. I focused on growth, product marketing, website analytics and CRM lifecycle management.

Cowrywise (FIntech)
2021 - 2023
Growth Marketing Manager

My main focus was on launching growth-focused campaigns, performance marketing, lead generation and nurturing, content marketing, and customer lifecycle management.

Motherboard (Health Tech)
Product Growth Lead (Contract)

Worked as a marketing lead and a B2B partner marketing manager for market analysis, partnerships, market penetration, customer segmentation and quality leads generation of MQLs and ICPs.

Meta (Social Media)
2019 - 2021
Digital Marketing Expert (Consulting)

Worked via Teleperformance as a contingent staff. I provided performance marketing solutions to multiple businesses, scaling results with 6-figure budgets, while also upselling Meta's products.

There's more!

Visit my LinkedIn page to get more context into what I've done in these roles, as well as other relevant experiences.

My Portfolio

A collection of selected campaigns, content, speaking sessions...

Read through the works I've done, results I've achieved and also platforms I've been on. Got questions? We surely can get on a call.

My blog

On some days, I write.
Read them.

I write because I love to. If you've got some time, read through my publications. Some are about marketing, but on some other days, I prefer to write fiction.

I'm a great addition to any team

Oyinlola is a dream to work with. A ninja marketer with a brilliant learning mindset and can-do attitude. She always looks for practical solutions and is not afraid to take on big projects (and delivers). Fantastic team member and an asset to any marketing team.

Katie Whatley
Katie Whatley
Group Head of Marketing, Explori

I worked closely with Oyinlola at Cowrywise. While I was there she led on community engagement and paid marketing. Her attention to detail was critical to executing outlined strategies seamlessly. If you need someone who walks their talk? That’s Oyinlola.

Feranmi Ajetomobi
Feranmi Ajetomobi
Growth Lead for Fintechs

Over the course of six months, I worked with Oyin on a Google Ads growth strategy for Cowrywise. Oyin's fintech acumen combined with her growth mindset made for an excellent partner to collaborate with. I really enjoyed working with Oyin, as she was continuously able to challenge my thinking and recommendations, which led to strong campaigns yielding exceptional results.

Bram Voets
Bram Voets
Senior New Business Strategist, SSA, Google

Oyin is one of the most dependable teammates I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many amazing people). You can count on Oyin for any project and know without a doubt that it will be done with the utmost level of creativity, timeliness and detail!

Mobolaji Olorisade
Mobolaji Olorisade
Product Marketing Manager, Summize

Currently open to new opportunities
with high-growth businesses

Let's bring a global talent on board

I wear multiple hats. I’m open to working with high-growth teams to scale acquisition and retention with campaigns, CRM automation, CLM and product content.

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