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Performance Marketing Campaign

Ads Campaign for User Growth

  • Company Cowrywise
  • Date 2022
  • Role Growth Marketing Manager

At Cowrywise, two major things mattered to the marketing team—acquisition and AUM growth. This was why I had to launch performance marketing campaigns when the idea came to the table, three months after joining the team.

I welcomed the idea immediately, knowing strongly, from past experience working with the Meta Pro team, that the campaign would be a major driver of the metrics that really mattered to us as a team.

My Role

I worked directly with Bram Voets who was at the time, a Senior New Business Strategist at Google to launch the Google ads campaign for Cowrywise.

I managed the entire planning and strategy process for keyword research, competitor research, copywriting, and the ad setup, as ads had never been run actively by the team before then.

Also, performance marketing comes with daily optimisation, budget shifting, new campaigns and ads setup, and analytics. I managed the end-to-end process of that, with frequent reports to both the team and the stakeholders.

Beyond that, I collaborated with my colleagues to ensure every important metric that needed to be tracked was in place.

Testing and learning were a major part of this process. Constantly tested new ideas and strategies towards better performance, while still sharing updates with the team.


Results and Learnings

Cowrywise had less than 300,000 users in March 2021 when the campaign started, but the number of users grew rapidly by 100% in 12 months. While all organic channels remained actively participatory in this growth, these were the only paid channels we used.

By March 2022, we already recorded over 600,000 signed-up users. Also, I optimised for a cost per result of less than $1, which was absolutely amazing when the industry average is over $2. This took months of continous optimisation to achieve.

The percentage ratio of install to first action (successful plan creation) stood at 30% after continous optimization, which had enough room be better.

This led us to onboarding an attribution partner (Appsflyer, Adjust) to understand the user journey across our platforms, which should have come pretty much earlier - a lesson.

Tools & Platforms Used

Google Ads Campaign Manager
Facebook Ads Manager
Ads Reporting Tool - For Facebook and Instagram reporting
Firebase - To track dynamic links
Metabase - For app attribution and measurement
Google Analytics - For web measurement
Adjust, Appsflyer - For app attribution
Coda - For documentation

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