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Speaking Engagements

Speaking: Growth, Content, Stories.

  • Company Digital Market Woman
  • Date 2021 - Date
  • Role Growth Marketing Manager

Speaking at events is an avenue to give back to the community, to share what I have learnt with beginners or other professionals, and most importantly, to learn from and network with others as well.

Over the past four years, I have consistently spoken at multiple events, on different topics revolving around marketing. And I always ensure to represent my company (whichever one I'm employed with at the time) quite actively.

A List of Selected Speaking Engagements


I spoke at Growth School, a leading tech education platform in India that partners with the top 1% of instructors to create high-impact cohort-based courses on personal and professional growth for learners all over the world. I spoke on User Focused, Hands Free—The Future of Content Marketing. Also wrote a brief article on the topic.

Tap here to view my slides.

I had a session with CommsQL about my marketing journey. The organisers asked for an engaging session that only discusses my career path and the possible steps participants could take from that, as they were mostly newbies in marketing.

I decided to try out an interactive-slide style of presentation. 🎉 I always have great slides, but I enjoyed the storytelling in this presentation so much. This slide had 123 pages! Was it worth it?

Tap here to view these interactive slides on Pitch.

I participated in a panel discussion at the App Growth Summit London on one of the hottest debates in Marketing. 😅

Should a business focus on building a timeless brand image or should it prioritise immediate performance-driven results?

I shared the stage with three experts to discuss this, and it didn't take long for us to find a common ground—balance. 🤝

As a business, it's easy to get lost in the thrill of instant acquisition. But let's not forget, the long game is where the real magic happens. Retention, brand advocacy, referrals—these are the metrics that truly matter down the road. So while you're aiming to get quick conversions with performance-led campaigns, it's important to consistently tell stories that keep your brand top-of-mind whenever a buying/referring decision is about to be made.

And yeah, I love how the conversation revolved around storytelling. Opinions are formed about your brand no matter what—the question is, are you in charge of the stories being told?

Treford is an EdTech Startup in Nigeria that enables African youths to develop no-code tech skills through live training, boot camps, masterclasses, and webinars.

I was a tutor in two of these masterclasses. I taught primarily on Brand Storytelling, which explained how to build a usable brand narrative touching on data-led storytelling, building a great storytelling strategy, and adapting brand storytelling in marketing.

Tap to check out the slides.

Treford Africa made a post in 2023 about Inspiring Product Marketers to Follow, and I made the list!

They referred to the list as one of "super professionals who create demand for products, acquire customers and ensure user retention. If you've been looking for product marketing managers to connect with, there are professionals you can get inspiration from, connect with or model your career after."

Check out the full list on LinkedIn

I initiated a knowledge sharing session at my current workplace, Explori. This was a presentation to help us understand how bias can impact our work as a team, and to learn how to leverage it the right way for more effective collaboration and results.

Tap to read my slides.

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