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User Growth Campaign

New Campaign: Jolly January

  • Company Cowrywise
  • Date 2021
  • Role Product Specialist, Growth

As a savings and investment company, one important thing we work towards is finding creative ways to get Nigerians to save and invest. Coming up with Jolly January is one of the most innovative solutions at Cowrywise, which was also popularly accepted by both the team and the users. This was a very new idea that was launched and that led to the fastest growth we’ve ever recorded for group savings, or Savings Circles as we call them.

The Jolly January campaign is aimed at curbing the wrong money culture during December period. The objective was to allow participants save in a closed circle, without access to it until a specified date January. That way, we can help the public curb a major problem in the society. However, the target was to generate revenue to grow our AUM.

My Role

I acted as the growth project manager for this campaign, shouldering the end-to-end responsibility while working with a team of experts at Cowrywise.

I initiated and introduced the idea to the team to this idea. The team saw the prospects in this idea and loved it so much that we went live with the campaign in just 4 days.

Within those 4 days, I worked with a team of a designer, a community manager and a fellow marketer to set up the circle to be used, create instant communication materials via socials, push notification, in-app notification, in-app card and email.

I also collaborated with an engineer to accommodate the growing number of participants in the group. For context, a circle never hit the limit of 200 participants. But in the first month of the campaign, the Circle was expanded to accommodate 600 participants, then eventually made unlimited!

Wrote copy for all channels (except emails as my fellow marketer worked on that) and maintained constant update on social media about the growth of the channel.

Also kept the entire team constantly in the loop of growth, especially regarding revenue generated, which was a main target for the campaign.

Results and Learnings

Big result at the time. The savings circle hit over 1 million naira saved in 5 days—that’s the fastest that sort of amount has ever been saved on the Cowrywise savings circle!

In less than 3 months, the campaign grew rapidly with over 10 million saved from over 600 participants. The limit for Savings Circles was initially 300, it was extended to 600 and eventually became unlimited due to the high inflow of new and existing users joining the campaign. This campaign also led to 3.8% in the resurrection of inactive users.

During the time the campaign ran, we were able to upsell other products to the new users.

While this campaign was a huge success, it was discontinued in the following years due to the company's change in strategy.

Tools & Platforms Used

WordPress - For blogging - For email communications
Buffer - For social media management
Firebase - For push and in-app notifications
Metabase - For app attribution and measurement
Google Analytics - For web measurement
Coda - For documentation
Slack - For real-time collaboration

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