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BRAND Marketing Campaign

Brand Equity: Design Fund for Women

  • Company Cowrywise
  • Date 2021
  • Role Product Specialist, Growth

Cowrywise is a design-led company. We are known for our phenomenal design principles which cut across all our activities—and this was why we kickstarted the DesignFund4Women campaign—a campaign that was launched to bring 75 women into the design industry.

The campaign aimed at bridging the gender gap within the Nigerian Design space. It was a project that launched on International Women’s Day and ended 6 months after (although we picked it up again after one year).

Wearing many hats

For this campaign, I wore many hats. I had initially worked with the team lead who initiated the campaign, managed partnerships and internal communications, and launched the project. Then after launch, the project was handed over to me fully. 

Community & Partnerships Management

I managed the Telegram community of women spread across different courses. The channels collectively housed over 3,400 women who needed to be given session updates, class roundups, and fast, active feedback when required.

Beyond the women, I also managed communications on new mutually beneficial partnerships to bring in more women on board. This led to expanding the coverage beyond 75 women to 600+ women at the same cost.

Marketing Communications

I managed and provided every marketing communication material used to communicate with participants and to report on this project. I set up email marketing channels with to inform and get feedback from both partners and participants.

Finally, I wrote articles and social media communications to keep the entire public in the loop of the project. Being a campaign aimed at brand equity, keeping the public updated is crucial.

Nonetheless, I had great help from the team at Cowrywise.

CRM Workflow Campaign

Beyond bringing participating women on board and teaching them design, I set up automated workflows aimed at increasing product/feature adoption. In this workflow, they get timed emails that share more information about the Cowrywise brand, and upsell the product, and/or specific features triggered by user status.

This campaign consistently delivered on user acquisition as seen in the image below, spanned across one year.

Results and Learnings

An over 700% growth in participation rate, as I brought in new partnerships that grew our initial target from 75 to 600+.

Also, despite that this was majorly a campaign to increase brand equity and community engagement, it still also led to the company’s growth—a win-win situation. (Converted users here refer to registered users on our platform from the women who joined the campaign)

Read more about the project in this article.

Tools & Platforms Used

WordPress - For blogging - For email communications
Buffer - For social media management
Firebase - For push and in-app notifications
Metabase - For app attribution and measurement
Google Analytics - For web measurement
Coda - For documentation

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