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How Human is Your Brand Marketing?

How Human is Your Brand Marketing?

How Human is Your Brand Marketing?

Before I say anything about your brand marketing, check the image below.

Brand Marketing

Over time, ads and marketing concepts that really work are those with a human touch. Check the brands you patronise, the pages you follow, the ads you love, the platforms you learn from and yes, the leaders in your niche. They most likely feel real. You don’t just see a brand selling to you, you see a human at work, within a brand.

In the images you saw above, the audience engaged more with the lady holding the image. Her presence made the painting more real. You could look at the lady and imagine her painting the image. When you read the caption, you read it in her voice. You want to know, you want to ask her questions. She brings the “wow” effect, which is what your brand needs!


Your face is not the only thing that makes up the human touch. There are a couple of other things that make your brand marketing approach to feel more real, more human. I’ll show you one of them in action, in the pictures below. Then, I’ll tell you the others.

Brand Marketing

How to make your brand marketing more real…

  • Show the face(s) behind the brand. Skin sells.
  • Choose words that show human emotion.
  • Interact like a human. Ask questions, create polls and give necessary feedback.
  • Take your audience through the process, you have a delivery? Show them. Something cooking, show them.
  • Learn the language of humour, especially that of your audience. Humour sells.
  • At intervals, request reviews from customers. Share positive reviews with your audience.
  • Hey, humans don’t succeed all the time. They make mistakes too. Share that too.

If there’s anything that makes your marketing topnotch, it’s how easily it identifies, portrays and relates with human emotions. Can they feel the human touch or they only see a brand with a robotic approach? The slides on Instagram have explained a lot, but something that should stand out for you is, relate well with your audience and businesses within your niche.

Join challenges. Show live events. Drop comments. Celebrate your customers. Do what you do naturally. Be human. Be yourself. So, who’s ready to be more human today? (Meee! This speaks to me too.) 

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